Welcome to hsapps.com!

On this site you'll find some information and downloads on some projects I am working on.

The projects you will find here will be both hardware and software related: some using microcontrollers and different kind of hardware equipment and some implementing more or less useful applications for your smartphone or tablet. Well, and several projects might connect hardware and software applications...

Featured Projects:

Following: some "featured projects", i.e. recent projects I'm working on. Since there's not that huge amount of projects available, the following will simply be a list of all projects ;-)

Ambient Lights

tl_files/hsapps/projects/ambient_lights/ambient_lights_photo.jpgThe Ambient Lights project is a RGB LED controller based on Arduino with optional Bluetooth connection and an Android client software. 

Colors can be changed by using the single twist-and-push-controller or by sending commands to the controller's serial interface. It also holds connection pins for directly plugging in the Bluetooth module BTM-112.

In order to update the controller's firmware, it can be connected to a compatible Arduino board.

The Android client software lets you control the Ambient Lights from your Android device via Bluetooth.

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